Wider Objectives:

• To effectively bridge the gaps within the knowledge triangle and support current efforts of industry to cope with global economic challenges

• To strengthen academy-industry collaboration in the domain of innovation and to emphasise the role of HEIs in the knowledge triangle

• To improve student employability and strengthen the capacity of HEIs in meeting labour market demands for innovation

• To stimulate and motivate innovative integration and knowledge synergies of engineering, design and business disciplines within a wide range of projects and industries.

Specific Project Objectives:

• To Modernise the multi-disciplinary Innovation Culture in Israeli HEIs through new synergies among the disciplines of engineering, design and business involving industry

• To create tools and methods to establish a common framework and language between educators and students from different disciplines and to equip them with the skills and attributes needed to work in interdisciplinary environments

• To establish institutional operational mechanism to enhance the knowledge triangle performance and academyindustry collaboration.