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Shenkar Hub Innovation Center

Shenkar established its Innovation Center with the main goal of promoting cooperation with the business sector.

Shenkar Engineering. Design. Art specializes in interdisciplinary and applied research with a focus on collaboration with both the industry and the business sector.

In recent years, design and creativity have been increasingly treated as major innovation resources, and interdisciplinary research practices are a growing interest of the industry when facing new challenges.

In this context, The Innovation Center ACT Shenkar strives to increase synergy and impact on the economic world and to provide the local and the global Industry with various collaboration platforms that will offer them a unique access to innovation. This includes:

  • Building tailored  projects around company challenges, aiming to strategically think with the company on future innovative concepts, products and growth possibilities.
  • A first look at innovative products and services portfolio
  • Licensing possibilities of products and/or IP created in Shenkar
  • Opportunities of R&D cooperation with researchers in relevant areas


Shenkar was founded in 1970 as the “College for Fashion and Textile Technology”, with the goal of qualifying skilled manpower for the Israeli industry, as well as providing it with advanced R&D services.Today, Shenkar offers degree programs in engineering, design and art which are the basis of the institution’s unique multidisciplinary academic environment, combining cutting-edge technologies with contemporary design and artistic concepts.

The Azrieli Faculty of Design, provides a Master’s Degree in Design and 6 departments offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Design (B.Des): The Department of Visual Communications, The Department of Textile Design, the Department of Interior – Building and Environment Design, the Department of Jewelry Design, the Department of Industrial Design and the Department of Fashion Design, considered one of the best of its kind worldwide.

The Department of Multidisciplinary Art, offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (B.F.A).

The Pernick Faculty of Engineering, 5 departments offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (B.Sc.): the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, the Department of Plastics Engineering, the Department of Software Engineering and the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. A Master’s Degree program is offered in the Department of Plastics Engineering and the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management.